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Luminelsa Ballet by Saeryena Luminelsa Ballet :iconsaeryena:Saeryena 1 6
Fire, Song and a Snowstorm 1
She did not stop running. She could not. She had to get out of there, out of the ice fortress where she was being held. She didn’t care that her feet were making visible marks in the snow – if she could make it, it wouldn’t matter.
Then the wall of ice appeared before her.
This was it. There was no way she could escape now.
There was no sun here, or blue sky. Only thick snowstorm clouds conjured by a stolen power. That was where she and the others were imprisoned. A world without warmth, or new company, or anything other than the ice and snow covering everything.
Was this her fate?

A girl groaned as the morning sunlight poked through her window, shining on her face. She wrapped herself tightly in a red blanket and rolled over into her pillow, hoping she wouldn’t be wakened…not just yet.
A clear voice rang out from the other side of her bedroom door. Slowly, Elsi pulled herself up and off the bed.
“What?” she said slee
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Zuko as Elsa by Saeryena Zuko as Elsa :iconsaeryena:Saeryena 0 0 Mihoshi and Elsi by Saeryena Mihoshi and Elsi :iconsaeryena:Saeryena 1 0
The Fated Dance 8: Happy Ending After All
It was a beautiful spring day in the kingdom of Astrea. Flowers bloomed, and the people danced in the village square. All were joyous, for this was the day two of the villagers would marry. And it wasn’t just any wedding. Giselle and Hilarion were to marry a prince and a princess, respectively.
Joyous ballet music played as Giselle and Bathilde danced their way up the aisle while the people threw rose petals. Albrecht smiled as he took his true love’s hand, and Bathilde laughed as she spun into Hilarion’s arms.
Under an archway encircled by purple irises stood Queen Kalmia. She smiled as the two pairs bowed and curtsied before her.
“Do you, Prince Albrecht Astrea, take Giselle Sabelin to be your wife?” the Queen asked kindly.
“I do,” Albrecht said with a smile.
“And you, Giselle Sabelin, take Prince Albrecht Astrea to be your husband?”
“I do!” Giselle cried out joyously.
The Flower Queen then turned to the second couple.
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The Fated Dance 7: Albrecht Stolen!
“Albrecht?!” Giselle called frantically.
He was nowhere to be found.
Giselle began to weep. Why today, the most glorious of days, with her curse gone and a better ruler at last, did the love of her life have to disappear?
Had he run off? She didn’t want to think he’d run off. It seemed so unlike him. She knew he couldn’t run back to Bathilde, not when she had broken off the arranged marriage for Hilarion.
Suddenly, Giselle heard a sound. It was an odd sound, like a tiny piece of ice breaking.
She looked down and noticed one of her tears fall onto what looked like an icy footprint! As soon as it touched the ice, it turned to ice and shattered.
She gasped. The ice footprints were everywhere, and they seemed to belong to women. Among them were what looked like marks of men’s shoes that had been dragged through the grass and dirt.
He must have been kidnapped by the ice women. Why would they take him? Was Nieve perhaps not quite defeated yet?
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The Fated Dance 6: Liberation
Nieve flinched. Her spell was not holding the girl!
She watched in complete fear as the strange ballerina continued to dance her own steps, making the music grow louder.
Then, in a sudden instant, she changed. Her tutu transformed in a burst of pink and golden light to the likeness of a rose. Her hair turned platinum blonde, and the ice in the palace was melting.
The ice was melting.
Kalmia’s magic was working. The shoes were working. Nieve screamed. No! The prophecy could not come true!
Even as she shouted, she disappeared in a cloud of white mist and her voice was silenced.
Albrecht and Hilarion pulled themselves up. They stared. The Snow Queen had vanished. Was she gone? Forever? Albrecht thought so, but Hilarion wasn’t sure.
Down in the dungeons, the ice bars melted away. Kalmia and the two girls with her walked free. They took a side corridor and stepped out into the sun.
It was then that Odette noticed something.
“My curse…” she half-whispered.
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The Fated Dance 5: Enter Kristyn
In Katerina’s dreams, she was a little girl once more.
She could visit her beautiful ballet world. Most of her dreams were just memories, but she was very happy there. She could see Kalmia, who she considered her twin.
One night, however, she saw something quite different. It was as if she was having a vision. It felt different from a mere dream; she was somewhat aware that she was dreaming, which usually never happened.
As usual, she was a young girl again, dancing perfectly in the gorgeous land.
Just like that first day, Kalmia appeared from behind the fountain. She looked as young as she had been on that day, but her face looked more mature, and her expression was grave.
“Katerina…” she half whispered, extending her left hand.
“Kalmia,” Katerina said.
They touched one another’s hands.
Katerina yelped in terror. The palace was covering itself in ice! The fountain stopped running, and Kalmia’s wrists were glowing blue. A pair of icy sha
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The Fated Dance 4: Kidnapping
On that very day, Giselle had not stopped dancing. She and Hilarion, her best friend at the time, were dancing together as they watched the cows graze.
“It’s beautiful,” the young girl whispered looking up at the pale blue sky tinted with the orange color of the setting sun.
Hilarion nodded. He liked Giselle quite a bit, but the romantic stuff just didn’t strike him as hard as it did her.
The girl leaned forward into an arabesque as both of them began dancing again.
Suddenly, a sapphire blue orb with a white center whizzed toward the pair out of nowhere.
“Look out!” Giselle screamed, flinging herself in front of Hilarion. When the orb began to head for her, she screamed “Hilarion, duck!” But though both of them got themselves out of the orb’s reach, it abruptly changed it course and hit Giselle squarely in the chest.
Giselle uttered a muffled squeal and trembled. It felt as though liquid ice was spreading from her heart to her whole
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The Fated Dance 3: Giselle's Curse
She was beautiful. She was perfect. She was everything Eira wanted to be – a good dancer, and loved.
Eira’s heart burned with jealousy. She had once had a childhood friend like this girl seemed to. And he’d been a farm boy, too. Except…he had left her. Left her for some dancer, until the great and benevolent Queen Nieve had turned him to ice, like he deserved, and appointed her to the Queen’s highest court of snow faeries, the Wilis.
Nieve had sent Eira to spy on this girl, but as Eira observed her, she scoffed. Her, defeat the Snow Queen? Not a chance. She was like a little butterfly, graceful and delicate. She would not stand a chance against Queen Nieve. Eira chuckled softly. What a fool Kalmia was!
Eira turned at the sound of the seething voice.
It was Myrtha, the leader of the Wilis; the first one Nieve had recruited.
“What have you been doing, Eira?!” Myrtha said slowly and coldly. “Messing aroun
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The Fated Dance 2: Prophecy
“Your Majesty!”
Queen Nieve stood up. A snow faery messenger had arrived.
“What is it?” she said icily.
“It’s your sister, ma’am!”
Nieve’s tone sounded like an icicle falling and shattering on a sheet of cold ice.
“You know very well that I do not have time to deal with her. See to it that she knows her place!”
The faery shuddered.
“Do I make myself clear?” Nieve said softly, staring right into the faery’s eyes.
“It’s…just…” the faery squeaked.
“Just what?” Nieve demanded coldly.
“She…she says she foresees…something…” the faery said, trembling with fear.
“Take me to her.”
Kalmia watched through the bars of ice as the faery and her sister approached.
“Hello, Nieve,” she said.
“Hello, Kalmia,” Nieve replied without any trace of her sister’s warmth. “Now tell me
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The Fated Dance 1: Prologue
Katerina never expected to see another world.
All she knew was that she could never dance. She knew she had no talent for ballet. Her older sister, Natasha, far surpassed her. She was jealous; she was not going to hide that fact, but she mostly spent her days dreaming of what could never be, rather than trying to show her sister up. Katerina loved her sister.
Then one day, something completely unexpected happened.
Katerina was wandering through the woods and found a pair of abandoned ballet slippers. They were pink, and just about her size. She suddenly felt a great longing – one that she could not explain at all.
The girl took a deep breath and took off her black Mary Janes. Then, she put on the pink shoes.
At once, she found herself standing perfectly on point, something she had never been able to do. The next second brought even more surprise, as she saw that the world around her had completely changed – she now stood in a beautiful garden next to a fountain, an
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The Kelian Origins of Clara
In the land of Parthinia lived three young noble ladies. They were sisters, and two of them were cheerful and kind. The eldest, Lady Pirlipat, was selfish and stuck-up.
The two youngest were twin sisters, named Alice and Elizabeth. They were good friends of Parthinia’s Prince Reginald. He considered them family. Pirlipat, however, had her eye on the young prince. She intended to be his queen.
Reginald also knew a young squire, a fairy mouse. The mouse was Pirlipat’s confidant. Sneaky and sly, he expected a promised sum of money when Pirlipat, at the age of seventeen, asked of him to help her win the prince’s hand.
The mouse, using his cunning, managed to worm his way into the trust of the King and Queen. They made him an attendant to the prince, who gladly accepted, for he believed the mouse to be his true friend.
The prince, who thought little of Pirlipat, continued to spend time with her sisters, who, although he loved them rather well, had no desire to marry either
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Twin Ties
It was a very bright, sunny day. The crystals which made up the grand castle glittered in the sunlight, reflecting the colors of the rainbow, which arched gracefully over the flowering land.
The picture could not be any more different from how the Enchantress, Queen Kitrielle of Fairytopia, was feeling.
Her sister had disappeared again. This time, she had somehow warped away just before the rainbow hit her, which would have sent her back to exile. Kitrielle was worried, not only for the citizens, but for her sister as well. She loved her sister; she had loved her for as long as she could remember. And she believed her sister loved her too, still, though this had been trapped in a prison of bitter jealousy.
Laverna, the first princess of the land, had run away before she was to become the next Enchantress. So it fell to Kitrielle. It hadn’t been a good day. She’d been sitting on the sea-green throne, wondering where her sister was, when and if she would come back, and worst
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My Name is Erika
My name is Erika.
I was born on the top of Mount Katten, in the kingdom there known as Kattenland. My parents, upon my birth, named me Erika after my father, Erik.
I, of course, had no idea of this, but Kattenland’s Princess Anneliese was born at the exact same moment as I was. Later in life, my mother would tell me about the great celebration on the day I was born. Though she and my father knew it was for the princess, she would say it made them feel as though I was special. Since then, I knew I must be somehow important, being born on the same day as the princess.
My mother, Allyson, was the most wonderful human being to walk the realm of Kelia. She was like a fairy godmother to me, as she was so kind and always bright, even though we were very poor. She would sing her favorite song to me every night, before I went to sleep.
I never had any siblings. My mother always told me that I was her treasure, and that she didn’t feel she could share that love with another child.
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Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper II Ch. 12
Erika hooked Fleur up to a carriage as Anneliese, Madame Carp, and all the cats piled in.
The tracks from King Dominick’s carriage were still visible. Newer were what looked like two sets of hoofprints. She supposed that the newer set of hoofprints must belong to a horse that Bismarck mounted.
Erika sat herself in the driver’s seat of the carriage.
“Follow those tracks!” she told Fleur. “And quickly!”
The white horse picked up speed. Soon, she was going so fast that Erika was clinging onto the reins. She heard Madame Carp say, “Really!”
Soon, she saw a fat figure in the distance. It had a reddish color to it.
“After him!” Erika urged the horse.
Fleur was now hot on Bismarck’s trail. Even further ahead, Erika could see another lone horse which had to belong to Preminger. She could not see the other carriage at all, and now she had to squint to see Bismarck, as the sun was rising higher and higher in the sky. Erika was sur
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